​​​​Crawford Doodles

Crawford Doodles Family- We are a small home breeder of Multi-Generation Australian Labradoodles located in sunny Arizona. We are lifelong dog lovers and through the years have had the joy of raising several different breeds including Golden Retrievers, Cocker Spaniels, Shelties and Poodles; but we didn’t get our first Labaradoodle until a few years ago. We instantly fell in love with the breed. They are the smartest, most loving and eager to please dogs we have ever been around. We love them so much that we want to share them with everyone. Our breeding dogs are loving members of ours and our kids' families and are spoiled with affection and attention as house pets! We have four married children, and 13 plus grandchildren. All of them live close enough that they are able to come and get lots of puppy kisses. Our puppies get to live in family environments and are well socialized with kids, adults and other dogs. They get to experience a whole fun and interesting world, under the loving eyes of their mommy and the watchful eyes of all our family. All these experiences ensure a happy, healthy and well socialized puppy. Australian Labradoodles are allergy-friendly, low to non-shedding, highly intelligent, and easy to train. They have friendly temperaments, and make loving companion animals and exceptional service and therapy dogs. Our goal is to breed healthy, happy puppies that will make wonderful family pets for a lifetime. Please explore our website to find out how you can adopt one of these amazing dogs as your next best friend!
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